What is the Winnetka Chapel? 
The Chapel is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit historic venue located in the heart of Winnetka, IL

What are your hours of operation?
The Winnetka Chapel is open after 6pm weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. Additional selected times are available upon request.

What types of events can be hosted at the Chapel?
The Chapel offers a wide range of Private and Public events including concerts, fundraisers, plays, art installations, weddings, memorial services and celebrations.

How do you rent the Chapel?
Please call 224-255-3125 or email us at winnetkachapel@gmail.com You can also fill out the form in the Contact section of our webpage.  A representative can assist you in customizing your event needs.

Does the Winnetka Chapel have a sound and video system?
Yes, anyone renting the chapel may have access to our state of the art sound system. 
We also offer sound recording and video services for an additional cost. Our exceptional acoustics are showcased through these efforts.

What is the maximum capacity?
The Chapel can accommodate flexible seating arrangements. Individual, cushioned chairs can be set up in a traditional church fashion, facing the alter/stage with two side aisles and a center aisle, or in a customized manner. 192 chairs are available (Additional chairs can be provided for a slight rental fee). Seating is set up 24 hours prior to your event or rehearsal. Chapel Capacity limit per Winnetka Fire Marshall is 300. We accommodate 200 guests comfortably. 

Where can guests park?
There is a large public parking lot adjacent to the chapel. and another lot located behind the Winnetka Community House. The Milwaukee Noth Line Metra train stops at Elm Street, just a two-block walk from the chapel. There is also a Pace bus stop at Pine and Green Bay Road, one block east of the chapel. 

Is the chapel air-conditioned and heated?
The Chapel is not airconditioned. However, there are ceiling fans and the stone façade keeps the chapel cool.  The windows do open and the staff knows how to cool the facility. The dressing rooms are air conditioned. The Chapel is heated.

What is the policy on candles and decorations and when can they be setup?
All decorations must be completed in the one hour prior to the event start. No tape or decorations can be adhered to the walls, windows, light fixtures or ceiling. Florists often decorate the first chair in each row. Candles are permitted as long as they are firmly seated on a sturdy surface and in proper holders.

Can the tower bell be used?
The tower bell, located at the main east entrance of the Chapel, is available for use.

Does a rehearsal have to be held immediately prior to an event or can it be done the night before?
You can arrange with your HOC coordinator to hold your rehearsal at a different day and time. Please be aware that the Chapel can be used after 6pm weekdays, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Is there a dressing area?
Yes, there is a large meeting room located near the chapel entrance, and there is also the use of a smaller classroom. Restrooms are located down the hall and the women's restroom includes large mirrors. 

Is the use of bird seed or rice permitted?
Rice, glitter, confetti, bird seed or any other such substance may not be used or thrown in or around the Chapel. Bubbles, sparklers, rose petals and leaves are permitted. 

What is length of a runner needed in the chapel?
A 55 ft. length of runner is needed. The runner must be securely affixed using florist tape at the bottom of the chancel steps.